"The Idea of Wilderness Needs no Defense, Only More Defenders" - Edward Abbey

Ed Bustya shredding at Rowena

Ed Bustya shredding at Rowena in the Columbia River Gorge - Photo by Tim Lofthouse

At one time, Windsurfing, (or "Boardsailing" the "Politically Correct" name before the WindSurferTM patent ran out), was the fastest growing sport in the world. And in my opinion, the most fun.

The sport started sometime in the 1970's - I remember reading an article about it and knew that I had to try it. But I didn't have a chance to do that until 1983 or so. Once I tried it, I was hooked!

The following pages are my attempt to cobble together some of the more interesting and/or arcane factoids about the sport.

Historical Windsurfing Trivia

Norblan ad, November 1985

The Norblan Racer

Here's an old ad for the Norblan Racer, which we called a "land sailor." Essentially, it was a plank equipped with wheels and a mast foot, so that we could mount our sails on the board and sail across the beach when we weren't sailing on the water.