"WindWriter is a term I coined to combine something I loved, Windsurfing, with what I did, writing (software and computer documentation). It's also a play on the name of a popular windsurfing magazine - WindRider."

WindWriter Software is a company that I started in 1990 and incorporated in 1993. At the time, I was writing user documentation for computers and computer software.

Online Documentation Before the Web

I've been involved with the web since it first gained traction in the early 1990's. Before that, I built dial-up Bulletin Board Systems (BBS's, remember those) and specialized in writing online documentation and help files for major software and hardware companies like Sun Microsystems, Cray Research, Intel, Tektronix, Hewlett Packard, and Central Point Software (PC Tools for Windows). I championed and designed on-line help systems long before they became popular in Windows and on the Web. My expertise in markup languages and online help enabled me to become a webmaster for Cray Research in the very early days of the web. As the web evolved, so did my work. I progressed from writing and maintaining web pages by hand to developing and designing enterprise-wide interactive documentation with dynamic pages derived from information stored in a distributed database.

In those days, web pages, or the code that generated them from a database, were written by hand. These days, it's much easier to set up a website using ready-made packages like WordPress and using theme templates to configure the design. But you still have to know what to setup, and which themes will help rather than hinder your SEO efforts. You also have to know what to put on the site, and where, to make it most effective.

Web Site Hosting for Local Businesses

I originally started the WindWriter Software site in 1998 to promote my internet hosting service. I'd build websites for my clients and then host them on my server. My "server" was a Windows NT server running O'Reilly's WebSite software. In order to connect it to the internet, I paid to have it sit in a dark, dusty closet of an Internet cafe in Portland, Oregon. They had a T1 line, which was the fastest type of connection to the internet. Back then, it was fairly difficult to connect remotely to a Windows server, especially since I was using a dialup connection from home, so I regularly had to go downtown to sit in the closet to do system admin functions, like back ups.

Starting in about 2005, the site served as a host for my wildlife and nature photography business until I moved most of that to EdsNatureImages.com, although some remained, like my collection of Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge images. Eventually, those will go onto their own site also.

Now, you're looking at the site I use to promote my Internet marketing services. I help businesses, primarily local businesses, establish a dominant presence on the web in order to improve their business online and off.

Web Development

I have almost three decade's experience as a technical writer, webmaster, web developer, software developer, and internet marketer. Over the years, I've consulted for Cray Research, Sun Microsystems, Intel, Tektronix, and many others.