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To purchase rights to use one of my photos, contact " title="Contact ">Contact Ed Bustya. You will find that although I insist on proper credit for my work, I am easy to work with and have a relaxed fee schedule. I am also generous when it comes to causes that benefit wildlife and wildlife habitat.

I am not a complete "ogre" about copying my photos. If you have a personal use for any of my photos, please contact me first before using it by " title="Contact ">contacting me. Let me know how you intend to use the photo. If you enjoy my photography, please consider purchasing some of my work so that I can continue to create new pieces. If nothing else, please sign up for my Ed's Nature Images newsletter so that I can notify you of my current shows, exhibits, and special offers when they occur.

Generally, I will give permission to use my photos for personal use, such as for your computer's background screen. But you'll find that purchasing an inexpensive higher-res version from me will look much better on your screen and will make you feel better for supporting a good cause. You must NEVER modify the photo without my written permission and you MUST leave my watermark with the Copyright and URL information intact.

"Personal use" does not allow taking credit for my work, nor does it include any use by which you will receive credit or monetary gain for the work. If you're going to make money off my work, I expect you to compensate me properly and I expect a byline including my copyright to appear with the photo.

If I give you permission to use one of my photos in a web site or other publication, I expect you to prominently display credit for my work and a link to my website.

Thank you,

Ed Bustya