Before the web became well-known, the main ways people got online were via AOL, CompuServe, or Bulletin Board Services (BBS’s). A business partner and I decided that what the world needed was an online Real Estate Mulitple Listing Service that the public could access. We built the MLS for a BBS, then the web started gaining popularity and we realized that our BBS system had to be put on the web instead. So we rebuilt it for the web in HTML using frames and connecting to a Microsoft Access database using ODBC. We were ahead of everyone with an online web-based MLS, but we didn’t have the marketing/sales skills to get it off the ground.

  • Client:

    Realty Promotion Network, Inc.

  • Skills:
    • Design
    • HTML
    • Server-Side Includes
    • CGI
    • GIF
    • ODBC
    • Frames